• LED Corn Bulbs

    LED Corn Bulbs are excellent for Metal Halide Replacement and HPS Replacement. Some of the advantages of LED Corn Bulbs are lower utility cost, lower maintenance cost and you can keep your existing fixture. We offer LED Corn Bulbs in a wide range of wattages, Color Temperatures, Volts and Bases.

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  • HID Retro Kits

    LED HID Retro Kit

    LED HID Retrofit Kits are designed to conveniently replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs. This offers the benefit of lower utility cost while maintaining the look of existing fixtures. As with all LED's, the energy efficiency, high lumen output and instant-on function of this new technology is far superior to older type lighting products.

    These LED HID Retrofit Kits come in a wide variety of Wattages, Color Temperatures, Volts and Bases. Our site offers the most common color temperatures.  If you need 3500K or 4500K please give us a call. In most cases there is no difference in price. 

  • Recessed Downlights

    Our LED Recessed Downlights are designed with top quality solid state components. These lighting products will reduce energy costs as well as eliminate UV and heat generation.

  • LED Tube Light

    The many advantages of LED Tube Lights over fluorescents are quite extensive. These are the top three primary advantages our customers comment on:

    • Higher efficiency, energy savings (up to 30-50%)
    • Longer lifetimes (typically 50k hours)
    • No mercury
  • LED Emergency T8

    LED Emergency T8 Tube's unique technology enables the use of an emergency battery pack built into the LED tube. This allows the tube to be powered when the electricity supply is cut off. With these LED tubes there is no need for an addition battery backup.

  • LED CFL Plug-In

    Plug-in CFL LED Replacements feature up to 360° directional illumination. Complete range of sizes to replace CFL lamps up to 42W.  LED PL Lamps are rated at 50,000 hours of life. This is typically 7 times longer life than a standard CFL bulb.

  • LED Fixtures

    J&S Lighting offers LED industrial lighting fixtures and commercial LED lighting solutions for all types of lighting application. Take advantage of these featured items:

    LED High/Low Bay  | LED Flood Lights

  • LED Light Bulbs

    We have LED Light Bulbs for every application. A-Shape, PAR, BR Floods, MR16 and more..

  • LED Filament Bulbs

    LED Filament Light Bulbs

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